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Welcome to the MineCasino BuyCraft Page!

Server IP: play.minecasino.org

What is "MineCasino"?

MineCasino is a Minecraft server revolving around gambling with CS:GO Skins. Which is a very popular thing on the internet.


How does one gamble with skins on Minecraft you ask? It's very simple.

When you connect to the server for the first time, you can write /ref free10 and receive C0.10 for free to play with on the server. That amount corresponds to $0.10 in Skin Value.

If you wanna deposit skins like on normal gambling websites, you first have to link your steam account to your Minecraft account. This is done by issuing the /link command. Example: /link 76561198197799055. This will link your steam account to your Minecraft accounts and any trades issued to our bot from that account will benefit you.

To send a trade offer to our bot simply do /deposit or right-click with the deposit item in hand. This will give you a link so you can send our bot a trade offer.

The bot will automatically decline an offer if the account is not linked.


After you've deposited a skin you'll receive X amount of Coins on the server, depending on the value of your item. The lowest value accepted is 0.03.

(If you have any issues with depositing and being credited, please contact a staff member)


Additionally, if you do not have any CSGO Skins, you can directly purchase Coins from our BuyCraft!


What games can we play to gamble on the server?


On our server we currently only have "ColorFlip", Solo & Versus, which is basically a Coin Flip type of game where the server alternates between two colors and you have to pick whichone you think it'll land on. Winner receives 1.95x bet.

To open our ColorFlip menu, simply right click with the ColorFlip item, which is a lever, in hand and it'll open the game menu.

(If you are having any issues whilst playing, contact a Staff member asap.)